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Pool Safety Inspections. Safety Inspectors.


Brisbane Pool Safety Inspection.   Pool Safety Certificates.


Brisbane Pool safety inspections and Certificates do save the lives of our children.

This is now a proven fact.

Keep your family safe.

We understand the importance you place on your children.

Pool safety Inspections. Pool safety inspection and Certificate.

This child’s parents are happy because the know their fencing has been checked by someone a for qualified pool safety inspection. Pool Inspections will keep them safe.

As well we know that it is important to you that your fences comply with the new pools certification laws.

You can be sure, that Griffin at Pool Safety Inspections we know the fence regulations and are truely professional in our approach to pool safety and certification.

We have Brisbane Inspections. A Caboolture Inspector and Redcliffe Inspector. One in Logan, Redland Bay and Ipswich.

Pool Inspections and Certification is our main business.


Why choose Glen Griffin as your Pool Safety Inspection.


  • We also have children – and we know why you want them to be safe.
  • We can be Trusted – There is nothing we don’t know or understand about the new laws.
  • With us –  You will find  no hidden surprises or costs.
  • With us – You can be sure your pool inspection will be done right first time.


 The new Pool Inspection Regulations and Certification Laws.


To Comply with the new government regulations, you will need to arrange for an Inspection if one of the following apply to your fences.


Pool Safety Inspections, Certificates and pool inspectors.

Pool Safety inspections conducted by licensed pool safety inspectors save lives ask us about your Pool Safety Certificate today.

  • You wish to buy, sell or rent a home or unit.
  • You are a real estate agent selling or renting a residential dwelling.
  • You are the manager of a body corporate.
  • You offer any kind of accommodation with swimming pools.
  • Caravan Park,Backpackers, Hostel, or Motel.


Many people still do not know that the Queensland Government has revised the fence safety certificate legislation.

And as a result, these changes now affect all pools in Brisbane and Queensland.

These changes were brought in to try to lower the record number of children being drowned in public and private swimming pools across Queensland every year.

Spa Inspections and certificates.

For your own peace of mind call Gary or Glen for a pool safety inspection or Certificate today.

By the end of 2015 all swimming pools in Queensland must by law comply with the new safety regulations.

Although the legislation does not state that all swimming pools have to have safety certificates issued by pool safety inspectors, having a professional check your fences is the only way to be certain that your fences would comply with the certification laws.

You could check the fencing yourself but the pool inspection and certificate regulations are complex and you could easily get confused and make mistakes.

Hire a professional inspector and who knows the regulations inside out and you will know the job is done right.


Glen Griffin Pool Safety Inspection.  Working throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


Brisbane Pool Safety Inspectors license Number 100512.

For your Safety Certificate.

Phone Glen on 0417018621.

Email us at allaboutpoolsafety@hotmail.com


Pool Safety Inspection save Lives.


A properly performed Inspection may save the life of a child you know.

Our Professional Pool Inspector may be your best defense against child drowning.

Pool Safety Inspections by By Qualified Pool Safety Inspectors in Brisbane. We know the new Queensland Government regulations.

Timber Fences and compliant fences for swimming pools.

Ask to see your inspectors licence.

Ask your inspector for proof of insurance.

Does your inspector do minor repairs to save you the money on a second visit or inspection.

Call now and have your inspection completed within 48 hours.

Guaranteed value for money inspectors and safety certificates.

Our inspectors know the easiest and cheapest ways to insure the your fence complies with the regulations.

We have pool inspectors working in all suburbs of Brisbane Caboolture and Sunshine Coast.

Griffo’s Pool Inspections and Safety Certificates.

Comply with Fencing Certification Laws.

Safety Certificates and Safety Certification of your Barriers and fences.

Pool Safety Certificate.