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More on the pool safety Legislation

August 29, 2015

Swimming pool fencing and the pool safety Laws. Maintenance of swimming a pools fences and other safety barriers are essential in reducing the number of young children drowning and having serious immersion injuries for children in pools. Property and Pool owners should their maintain pools barriers, meet all of the pool fence regulations related and […]


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Unsafe Pool Fences

August 29, 2015

Unsafe Pool Fences Swimming Pool Fences Safety is an important issue that could dampen your mood, however it’s an important part of life in sunny Queensland where many of us have a backyard pool or spend our summers lazing around by a pool when on holidays. One single fence safety standard to keep our children […]

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How Safe is your Pool

August 29, 2015

How Safe is Your Swimming Pool Fence? Glen Griffin provides safety inspection and certification for all our clients, both domestic and commercial Inspections. Avoid Hefty penalties from local councils and governments  Pool Fence Safety checks Prevent Child Drownings.  Pre-Purchase Swimming  Pool Fence Inspections.  Are the pools on your property safe. Arrange for your […]

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Pool Owner convicted

August 29, 2015

Warnings after pool owner convicted. The Lismore City Council has said that the recent convictions of Goonellabah property owners for not to providing proper pool fencing around his swimming pool will send a very strong message to all pool owners. Compliance with the  Fencing regulations is a must. The warnings come as the council placed […]

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Dry and Secondary Drowning

August 29, 2015

Dry Drowning. Secondary Drowning. If as most parents do, you think that once your children is finished swimming and playing in your pool, his or her risk of being drown is then over. Wrong dry or secondary drowning can occur even hours after they dried off and gone on to other adventures. There are a few steps you may […]

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Near Drowning

August 29, 2015

While watching little Matilda Baynham playing her backyard swimming pool, you would never guess that only two weeks ago she nearly lost her life in that same swimming pool. This 14 month old child seemed undaunted and still thrilled to have her feet wet in the pool, despite having to be put in to an induced […]

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Practical Tips on water Safety

August 29, 2015

Practical tips for water safety. Pool and Water safety around Your home. Most of the drowning deaths around Australia come from a children falling into the water, and in particular into backyard swimming pools. Young children can drown in less than 6 cm of water. Here are a few tips on improving water safety around […]

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Pool Safety

August 29, 2015

Pool Safety. A lot of Australia’s residents are now very mobile with many people moving interstate following work opportunities. Many building surveyors are saying that misunderstandings over the rules and regulations concerning swimming pool safety fencing. All Australian States have their own laws covering the safety aspects of swimming pool fences , outdoor spas and […]

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Pool Fence Inspections NSW

August 29, 2015

Pool Fence Inspections. Pool  Fence Inspectors Over 90 % of swimming enclosure fences checked by Local Governments and Council pool fence Inspectors working under the new child safety pool fence inspection laws are failed on their first inspection. From January to October  year, council had conducted more than 850 pool fence inspections. Out of the 850 checked only 352 fences […]

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