Near Drowning

While watching little Matilda Baynham playing her backyard swimming pool, you would never guess that only two weeks ago she nearly lost her life in that same swimming pool.

This 14 month old child seemed undaunted and still thrilled to have her feet wet in the pool, despite having to be put in to an induced coma after a near drowning incident at her home in Sarina on January the 22 second.

Matilda’s parents, Allison and Chris, couldn’t be more happy to have little girl home. But they are now hoping that their story will serve as a reminder to parents and careers with backyard swimming pools.

We just need people to realize how easily this can happen, Matilda’s Dad said.

This pool is only a meter from our house it is that simple.

Mrs Baynham walked visitors down the drive to say good bye when another child left the pool fence gate open and it failed self close and latch properly.

It only took a few seconds Matilda to find the open gate and fall into their swimming pool.

Despite finding her baby girl floating face down in the pool, Mrs Baynham did not panic. Having been trained in first aid, she removed her unconscious baby girl from the swimming pool and started CPR.

“I’m just so happy I didn’t panic, she said.

Matilda’s four-year-old sister Samantha ran to the house and brought out the phone to her mother to call 000 for help.

After two rounds of CPR Matilda came to. The lady on the phone from the ambulance was just awesome, she said.

But the worst was not yet over. Little Matilda may still have suffered some form of brain damage.

Matilda was put on to life support and then flown to Townsville hospital for further treatments.

Thankfully, this lovely little child has beaten the odds. But the Baynham’s are not taking anything for granted they have enrolled Matilda in swimming classes at the local Swim School.

Mrs Baynham wants everyone to know how easily a near tragedy like this could happen to any one of us.



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