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Over 90 % of swimming enclosure fences checked by Local Governments and Council pool fence Inspectors working under the new child safety pool fence inspection laws are failed on their first inspection.

From January to October  year, council had conducted more than 850 pool fence inspections.

Out of the 850 checked only 352 fences were found under the new laws to be compliant. A Spokesperson said.

Councils Pool Fencing Inspectors have advised that only a small percentage of pool fences being checked are found to be compliant on there initial inspection, with a larger  majority of pool fences needing up to four more inspections before fencing is passes for compliance.

The more difficult properties with pools will need five or more inspections before they are deemed compliant.

Council face a gigantic work load inspecting what is estimated to be 25,000 homes with backyard swimming pools.

The proposed to training programmes and license privately operated pool fence inspectors is still to comence. The councils spokesperson said its focus so far was to on carrying out the pool fence inspections which were being requested by property owners and residents, starting with the high risk properties that have been declared as prioritys under the new legislations.

These include tourism and visitors accommodations as well as common household backyard pools servicing more than two homes or townhouses, which need to have their fences inspected every year.

Tourism and visitors accommodations covers motels, hotels, bed and breakfast providers as well as serviced apartment.

Pool owners in these categories should organize an pool fence inspections for their pools barriers,’’ the spokesperson said.

The new phase of the legislation starts on April 29, when all fences will need to be inspected and certified as being safe before any home can be leased or sold.

These requirements were meant to come into effect early last year but had to be deferred when government accepted that more time would be needed to prepare for the extensive changes.

Pool fence contractors said that the industry was not prepared to meet the forecasted demand.

Building Professional Boards were expected to use the time extra to develop training and accreditation processes for private pool fence inspectors.

The Shire Councils have two pool fence inspectors and a coordinator. Another of their inspector’s time is split between building and pool fence inspections.

Council is now looking to increasing its numbers of pool fence inspectors in order to keep up with the demand of the new legislation requirements, the spokesperson said.


The Shire Council it worried it will be swamped with requests from residents for pool fence inspections this year.

With the new legislation covering homes and business being sold or leased due to start in a few months, we still have no private industrial accreditations or training programs to provide for pool fence inspectors, the council spokesperson said.

Councils are facing a huge surge for pool fence inspection application.

The spokesperson said many of the pools throughout NSW have not been inspected since they were installed.

Owners of those older pools will require a great amount of assistance to bring their fences in to line with the new fence safety standards, she said.

The NSW government has to help these councils and pool fence inspectors to understand the new legislation and the variable standard that apply in so as to give a clear directions and achieve a uniform approach for all for pool fence barriers, the spokesperson said.

Pool Fence Inspectors. Pool Fence Inspections.


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