Pool Fence Repairs

Pool Fence Repairs.

Are you Looking for a pool fence repairs, Gates or new fences?

We service all of Brisbane Metro, Bribie, Redcliffe, Caboolture, Redland Bay and Logan.

Brisbane – Northside North West Mick 0414892480.

Southside of Brisbane Logan Redland Bay.

Bribie Redcliffe and Caboolture Glen 0417018621.


Special offer.

Replacement of Pool Gate Latches and Hinges only $250.


We Specialise in all types of fencing repairs, gates and gate repair For compliance with the new safety laws. And we have a many years experience dealing with your pools fencing issues and compliance problems and we are continually talking to Inspectors at different Brisbane Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast work sites .

All of our work is fully  guaranteed and will meet the requirements of your inspectors. We will also keep continual contact with your safety inspectors though out the pools fencing repairs process to ensure your pools compliance is completed properly.

  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Pool Fence Repairs for your Existing Fences & Gates
  • Adjusting repairing or replacing your Fence Gate Hinges and Latches.
  • Shielding Installation of Perspex Panels.
  • Free Quotes.
  • Catering for All Pool Fence Repair Issues.

If you have been handed a Form 26 from your Safety Inspector, just  email it to Gary Mick or Glen and we will send you a written quote back.

Do you know.

  • If you are selling or leasing a home with a pools, you have to have a safety certificate.
  • From November 2015 All Swimming pools must comply with the legislation.
  • All pool owners must ensure they with the current safety standard.
  • Your pools must by now be registered with the safety Council. If it is not already registered you risk fines of between $200 and $2000.
  • If an inspector has checked your fencing and it does not comply with the regulations, we can easily give you a free quote for the repair work needed ensure your fences comply as soon as possible.
  • If your real estate or solicitors ask for a certificate and you as yet don’t have one, you will need to contact a licensed  inspector to certify your pools fence for compliance.

If you have not had a fencing certifier come and inspect your pool, we can recommend one for you.

Have your fence certified before it’s too late.

We specialise in pool fence repairs, servicing Brisbane, Logan, Redland Bay, Caboolture, Bribie, and Redcliffe.

Griffin Pool Fence Repairs.