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Pool Inspections.

Are you hoping to get your swimming enclosures inspected and safety certification in time to sell your home.

Either you’re your home before the mandatory new pool inspection laws come into force in April, or start the sometimes costly and time consuming now.

With over 95 per cent of Australian swimming enclosures failing to meet with safety regulations, councils are warning that it could take well intentioned property owners as much as six months to make the necessary upgrades to their fences and barriers to ensure that they are child proof.

From April the 29th, home owners wanting to lease or sell their houses must have all enclosures certified by a licensed fence inspector and compliant with NSW’s pool inspections safety regulations to prevent children from drowning.

If a swimming eclosure inspector has not issued a safety certificate of compliance, they may cancel a contract within 14 days.

This schemes introduction was put off for a year because there were not enough qualified swimming pool inspectors.

Inspection. fence inspector. Inspections save YOUNG Lives.

Inspections can save children’s lives. Have one of our licensed inspectors check your fences today.

Many other home owners with no plans to sell or lease may need to go through the same processes if there dobbed in.  And many have been already.

The time frames needed for fence replacements and upgrades is around six months not just six weeks.

In these current markets, the six week period provided under the new laws to comply is not enough time. For most swimming pool owners to complete pool safety inspections and compliance with the regulations it will take much longer.

Under this proposal, private swimming inspectors will have only six weeks to work with home and property owners.

If not certified safe within this time, responsibility will be pushed back to councils to ensure work is completed.

In a submission to Building Professional Boards, the councils managing the swimming pool inspection of many of NSW 300,000 swimming pools believe that the process will add additional costs and confusion.

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The fencing here was checked and passed by an our Inspectors.

Many Councils say they should be allowed to charge much more to recover their costs.

But councils inspection fees are limited to $250, including a $150 fee for the initial inspection plus $100 for a second pool inspection.

Some swimming pools, may take up to five visits certification is achieved.

Some 70 odd submissions have been received in response to NSW proposal to increase the small number of qualified pool inspectors by creating a new category’s for private pools inspections.

This could include some builders but exclude the pool and spa technicians that are allowed to perform pool inspections work in Queensland.

Jacqui Pascoe, from one of Queensland’s leading training company’s, APSIC, Australian Accredited safety Inspection Courses. Believes limiting the pool inspections process to builders and councils has not been effective in Queensland.

Licensed builders are not interested.

They can make much more money building a swimming pools, than conducting a pool inspection. Or by building a pool barrier fencing.


Its time to start work on your fencing to insure that it complies with the regulations and is safe for not just your own children but neighbours and visitors as well. Give us a call to start the process of obtaining your safety certificate for your barrier fencing.


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