Pool Inspection Costs

How Much Does Pool Inspection Costs.

In an effort to reduce the numbers of small children drowning each year in home pools, Qld state and local government have beefed up the Queensland pool safety Laws. To be sure compliance with the laws, they have legislated that pool inspections be completed by licensed pool inspectors. Who needs to have pools safety inspection completed? How much will that cost?

When are Pool Inspections Needed?

There are now three reasons why a pool inspection may be needed.

  1. If you are building a new swimming pools.
  2. When you selling your house.
  3. When you rent or lease out a property.

     How Much Do Pool Inspections Cost.


  1. Private Safety Inspectors are licensed to carry out pool inspections and issue the safety certificates. Many but not all offer competitive rates. Your pool inspections cost will mainly depend on your own particular circumstance.  Some services and prices offered by pool inspection companies may include.
  2. When selling, the inspections should be conducted before the contract settles. If that is not possible, a “notice of no safety certificate” must be lodged and a compliance certificate needs be in place within 90 days settlement of the property. If you rent out or lease your house, a pool inspection must be every year. In cases like apartments and motels and boarding houses inspections are also needed yearly.
  1. Backyard swimming pool inspection, which includes up to two gates. $150 to $220
  2. Second or follow up Pool Inspections if first inspection finds that repairs are needed to comply with the regulations. Up to $140.
  3. Pool safety certificates when pools comply with the regulations $35
  4. Repeat Pool Inspections for shared pools (like apartment complexes) Up to $280

Larger swimming pools and shared pools will normally be charged at a higher rate $250 and more in some cases. Other costs may include the inspection of extra gates, around $25 each, travel time, normally for travel over 50 kilometres $75 to $150, or erection of a CPR sign on the pools fence about $25. Most pool inspection companies will a offer free pool inspection checklist to prospective clients.

It could be helpful to take advantage of these free services, because you could find something that needs changing before your pool inspection, and have it fixed. This may save the need for the inspector come out a second time to check for compliance.

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