Pool Owner convicted

Warnings after pool owner convicted.

The Lismore City Council has said that the recent convictions of Goonellabah property owners for not to providing proper pool fencing around his swimming pool will send a very strong message to all pool owners. Compliance with the  Fencing regulations is a must.

The warnings come as the council placed discussion papers for Lismore’s Swimming Pool Inspection Programs on the public record and the deadlines to register private swimming pools online draws near.

Council says believes it is essential to follow the new obligations the around pool fence safety registration and comply with new current standards.

This pool owner copped a fine of $550 and $650 in court costs when the matter was heard by the Lismore Local Courts.

This case begins when the property owner was served a directive by a Council compliance officer to comply with new pool fencing regulations following a pool inspection in earlier 2013. When he failed to complete the required fencing work, he was issued a fine of $550 by Council and again directed to complete the work, but chose to contest the fine.

The local court magistrate has recorded a criminal conviction as well as imposing a $550 fine and the pool safety fencing on his property has now been fixed.

Under the Swimming Pools Act, property owners with pools throughout the state have to provide and maintain barrier fencing that restricts the access to any pool areas in accordance with Australians standards and to prevent child deaths by drowning.

Backyard swimming pools still remain the most common place for both drowning deaths and injuries for kids under five in Australia.

On Average every year 33 Australian kids under five years old drown in back yard pools with insufficient pool safety fences. Councils take these regulatory responsibilities for inspecting swimming pool fences seriously, and will always take the correct action to ensure compliance and for the safety of the children in our community’s.

He believes that the best way to be sure you’re doing it right by your neighbor’s and the law is to have a pool safety inspection completed and valid swimming pool inspection certificate.

As of April 29 next year these pool safety inspections will be mandatory for the sale or lease of any properties with pools and for the owners of tourist type pools, visitor and multi occupancy high risk developments with swimming pools. The Pool Inspection certificates are valid for three years from their date of issue in NSW.

The discussion papers offer various models for Council to adopt, or ordinary people may offer their own suggestions about any possible option. Councils will send out letters to all swimming pool owners and other interested parties in their local government areas asking for your feedback but comment from anyone else in these communities is also welcome.

Since April 2013, all swimming pool owners were required to register their home backyard swimming pool on an online pool safety register which is run by NSW government.

The register promotes swimming pool safety and swimming pool fence compliance in response to the enormous challenge of trying to reduce the number of child drowning deaths and injury to kids in back yard swimming pools throughout NSW. The register will provide pool owners with pool safety checklists to help them self-assess their pools safety.

Pool owners are expected to indicate that, to the best of their knowledge, their back yard swimming pools comply with the standards applicable to their pools.


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