Pool Safety Certificates

Pool Safety Certificates.

If you are about to sell your home or enter into a lease arrangement or accommodation agreement Hotel, Motel, Boarding House with a properties with  swimming pools, a compliance certificate by law must be obtained from your local licensed inspector.

Form 23. Certificate.

Safe Certificates.

The cost of a pool safety inspection can vary and owners should to shop around to find inspectors they are comfortable with. Both for price and peace for of mind.

Some inspectors are able to carry out minor fence and gate repairs like adjusting or replacing latches Gates and removing tree branches or shielding climbable objects like taps and power points when agreed with the property owner.

Selling or buying.

Home owners Selling a property with swimming pools should provide the buyer with a pool safety certificate before settlement.

However, if the vendor does supply the pool safety certificate, the vendor should issue the buyer with a form 36 notice of no pools certificate  before signing the contract.

The form 36 informs the buyer that they only have 90 days from the date of settlement to get the certificate from their qualified pool safety inspector. With this option, the buyers are liable for any cost incurred with obtaining compliance with the standards.

Brisbane Inspectors.

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If no certificate is in effect before property settlement and the vendor has given the Form 36 Notice of no pool safety certificates to the purchaser, then there is no need to give the buyer another form unless information required on the form has changed between the date of contract and settlement.

The vendor will however have to give a Form 36 Notice of no pool safety certificates to the department.


With a shared pools, the owner (Motel or body corporate) will also need a copy.

Leases, hotels and other accommodation.

A Property owner with an accommodation agreement, Hotels, Guest Houses lease or hotel stay, also need pool safety certificates.


Inspection and Certification compliance.

For non shared pools such as a pool for a home, townhouse or a unit with their own swimming pools or spa, the pool safety certificates are required before to entering into a lease agreement.


For shared a pools such as body corporate pools in a set of units, if there is no pools safety certificate in place, then a pool safety certificate has to be in place within 90 days of entry into an accommodation agreement.

From the First of December 2010, certificates have been needed while selling or leasing  properties with a pools.

Certificates can only be obtained from licensed inspectors.

Certificates are only valid for one year for shared and two years for a non shared pools.

Inspectors can only issue certificates after they placing certificate details into the register.

Owners and others, like agents or solicitors, may search the register to check for compliance or is registered and if a certificate is in place.
Certificate Inspections are not required unless it is a shared pool or if you are buying selling or leasing the property.
For most people a Compliance inspection is all that is required.
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