Practical Tips on water Safety

Practical tips for water safety.

Pool and Water safety around Your home.

Most of the drowning deaths around Australia come from a children falling into the water, and in particular into backyard swimming pools. Young children can drown in less than 6 cm of water.

Here are a few tips on improving water safety around your home.

  • It’s the Law all swimming pools and spas have to be fenced. And all pool safety fences need to meet the State and Australian Standards for safety requirements. Remove all objects from around your back yard that may be used by children to climb over swimming pool fencing.
  • Empty any containers holding water from around the house and make completely sure children can not get to any body of water, including bath tubs, on their own.
  • If you have a nappy bucket ensure it has a tight fitting lid and is kept closed, and out of children.
  • Always empty baby baths when you’re finished with them so older children can’t get in.
  • Drain all tubs, sinks, buckets, baths and wading pools when you have finished with them.
  • Secure all covers on bird baths and ponds as well as any other water features with some wire mesh, or better still empty them until your children are at least five years old.
  • Keep fish aquariums and fishbowls out of the reach of children. If you have inflatable swimming pools which hold more than 300 mm of water, pool fence laws will apply to them.

 Water Safety around creeks dams, tanks and ponds.

Children won’t always understand, the rules, especially when distracted and playing. So security fences, around play areas can be an efficient barrier between children and any water hazard. Here are some tips to boost water safety on your properties.

Secure play areas can prevent your children from roaming near to creeks, dams, and other bodies of water, and finding access to other hazards like farm machinery, farm vehicles and horses. Farm Safe Australia recommends a safe playing area, backed up by family rules and good supervision, as the most efficient way to stop serious injury and death to children on rural properties.

  • Fence off any areas between your house and any bodie of water.
  • Teach your children not to be near the dams, creeks or water tanks without you.
  • Secure a child proof hatch on any water tanks.
  • Fence off, empty or seal any ponds if your children or visitors children are under five years old.
  • Ensure there are no ladders, trellises, windows or trees children can climb to get access to water tanks.

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