Pool Safety Inspections Prices.


Swimming Pool Safety Inspectors Prices.


Private or Non Shared Swimming Pools inspectors prices.


All Inspections Must be paid for either Before or When the Inspector arrives to check your Fences..


For privately owned pools that are not being sold or leased all you need is a compliance inspection NO CERTIFICATE NEEDED.

Save yourself the extra expense.

  • Compliance only Checks $140.  Southside Ipswich, Logan and Redland Bay. Gary 0466888215.
  • If Certificates are required Call Glen Griffin 0417018621.
  •  Compliant CPR Chart $40.00
  • Renewal of Form 23   $130
  • Consultancy Inspection. $140


Shared Pools which Include Hotels,  Caravan Parks, Unit Complexes, Hotels and Motels.

  • Pools Inspections.  Motel Sized Swimming complex  $175
  • Renewal of a Form 23  $150
  • Issue a Government Safety Certificate or Form 23  $35
  • Supply of a Compliant CPR Chart $40 each
  • Inspection price includes 2 Gates Extra Gates $25 each.



Resorts or Larger .

  • Pool Inspections Prices, for quotes.

Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Pay Pal.
  • Cheque
  • Cash.


  • First option $245 Pool Inspection, Residential  (this includes two Gates)     

Includes 2 Ivisits and Pools Safety Certificates.

  • Second option $155 Initial compliance check.  ( including 2 Gates)


  • Third option $100 follow up Inspections.                                       

for barriers which are non complainant on the first visit.    


  • Extra Gates    $25   (Per Gate) 


  • Government Safety Certification Form 23.   $35   


  • Compliant CPR Charts $40.00   


  • Renewal of certificate   $130   


  • Consultancy only Inspection. $140  



Shared Pools which include Motels, Hotels, Units and Caravan Parks.

Pools safetyInspection.  Motel Sized Swimming Complex  $175.

  • Renewal of a certificate  $150.
  • Issue a Government Safety Certificate $35.
  • Supply of a CPR Chart $40 each.
  • Inspection price includes 2 Gates Extra Gates $25 each.



Resorts and Larger Complexes.

  • Pool Inspection Prices, call us for a Quote.
  • Brisbane. Sunshine Coast. Redland Bay.
  • Logan. Caboolture. Redcliffe.

Time is running out as of November all fencing must comply with the new safety regulations.

After November all Councils in Queensland will conduct audits of fences and issue fines for non complaints of  fences and barriers.

Payments are due on the day your inspector checks your fences.

Payment Methods that we accept are.  Cash. Bank Transfer. PayPal.

Safety Inspections Prices.

Safety Inspections Prices.